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About ComfortDelGro

About ComfortDelGro

The global transport industry has seen the emergence of a new passenger land transport powerhouse. ComfortDelGro is the second largest public listed passenger land transport company in the world, with a fleet of some 35,000 vehicles world-wide.


Premier Transport Group
Created from the union between two successful companies, Comfort and DelGro, the merged Group is well-positioned to become a premier multi-modal land transport and integrated services group, with operations both in Singapore and overseas. ComfortDelgro’s flagship businesses include bus, rail, taxi and car rental and leasing operations.

Internationally recognised
Apart from being the undisputed market leader in the Singapore bus, taxi, car rental and automotive engineering industries, ComfortDelgro also has a significant overseas presence. The Group’s bus, taxi and car rental operations currently extend from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as some 10 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

For more information about ComfortDelGro, please view their website: www.comfortdelgro.com

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